What is a riad?

The Riad is the perfect example of the moroccan architectural beauty and they used to represent traditional Moroccan houses. The word “riad” could be interpreted as “garden”, surely because every riads in Marrekch are built around a large patio often arranged with trees and a swimming pool. Today the riads of Marrakech are mainly operated as hotels, to welcome tourists in the heart of the Medina and make them discover the beauty of this architecture. It’s in the Medina that you will find the best riads in Marrakech. They can sometimes accommodate a SPA and a restaurant as is the case with the Riad Rafaele which is one of the most beautiful riads in its category.

Luxury and authenticity

Riads are usually made up of several floors, the first is often reserved for private rooms, accessible by the passageway overlooking the patio. The ground floor composed of the patio, the kitchen and the lounges constitutes the common areas in which we meet, relax, eat and enjoy the freshness and authenticity of these magnificent luxury hotels that are the riads of Marrakech. The roof of the riads is also used to accommodate a large roof top terrace, on which you can enjoy the view of the Medina of Marrakech and sunbathe under the pleasant Moroccan sun.

The best way to discover Morocco

The riads in Marrakech have mainly been inspired by the Muslim representation of paradise and arranged accordingly. In the best riads a unique atmosphere reigns, feelings of well-being take hold of you and make you forget everything else. The best of trips to Morocco always start with a riad.